Gambling – what gambling games are legal?

Although gambling is a form of entertainment and it should be perceived by the players themselves, they are also the subject of the entire gambling industry, which is regulated by the law. This means that the principles of operation of entities organizing gambling games, issues related to the implementation of their services, as well as those relating to the rights and obligations of players, are strictly specified in the relevant legal acts. To help players find information on specific aspects of what is prohibited and what is allowed and under what conditions, and to explain all the most important issues regarding gambling, we have prepared the following guide.

What is gambling?

As an introduction, let’s first explain what gambling and gambling are all about. Generally speaking, gambling is always gambling, but not all gambling is gambling. In gambling, the key element is the randomness, randomness of the result, and the risk of losing or the chance to win “something”, most often money, and sometimes certain things. These 2 elements are closely related, since the game is random, you cannot predict its outcome, which is why the risk is so high here. It can indeed be argued that individual gambling games are random to a varying degree. If we buy a lottery ticket, it all depends on our “luck”. On the other hand, when betting on bookmakers, we have some influence on the accuracy of our tips – here sports knowledge is of great importance, but no one can 100% predict, for example, the result of a match, which is why coincidence is also of great importance here. So whenever a game involves the risk of losing the money staked and its outcome is more or less random, we can safely talk about gambling.

Gambling games for free

Free gambling can be understood in two ways. First of all, they can be demos of games available in a legal online casino. Total Casino offers various gambling games for free – slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, etc. Thanks to this, an unregistered player can play any free gambling games and thus check what a given game is about on the Internet. The game is therefore described as free because you do not need to deposit any money, but it has the downside that you cannot win anything. It is just purely disinterested fun and only because of this can be done without registering an account.

Free gambling has a slightly different meaning in the case of sports betting (although the online casino may offer them). There are no demo versions here, but the tipster sometimes has the opportunity to play for free. Legal bookmakers prepare various types of bonuses and promotions, thanks to which you can sometimes get completely free funds for the game (e.g. as part of a welcome package or on the occasion of some important sports event). By using the so-called With a free bet, you can place a sports bet without making a deposit, and in the case of a hit, you can win. Of course, all the gambling games mentioned for free are organized legally and as long as we use the services of legal gambling organizers, we can safely reach for the options they offer.

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