How to play poker? Rules of poker for beginners

Poker is one of the most popular card games, not only in our country but all over the world. Some play as amateurs, only for fun, others compete in tournaments where the stake is really big money. The game of poker is addictive and makes it sometimes difficult to even leave the table and say: pass!

For beginners, learning to play poker may seem quite complicated, but it is a matter of practice. After a few hands, the tactics of the game will become understandable even to a layman. After all, it’s a practice that makes perfect!

Poker game rules for beginners

Many people know how to play poker, but how to play poker well is a knowledge possessed by a small group of people for whom card games have no secrets. It is worth learning the basic rules of the game at the beginning, and then deepen your knowledge and assimilate various poker strategies.

The most important issue is the hand in poker, the order of which from highest to lowest is as follows:

  • The royal flush is the highest hand of cards in sequence: 10, Jopek, Queen, King, Ace.
  • A straight flush is a suit, but lower than a royal flush, i.e. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
  • Four of a kind are the same four cards, for example, Jopek, Jopek, Jopek, Jopek, Dama.
  • A Ful is three matching pieces and a pair, for example, Krol, Krol, Krol, Jopek, Jopek.
  • Suits are cards of the same suit but out of sequence, for example, King, Jopek, 6, 2, Queen.
  • A straight is five cards in a row, such as 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
  • Three of a kind are the same three cards and two different ones, for example, Jopek, Jopek, Jopek, Dama, Król.
  • Two pairs are two of the same cards and another two are the same, for example, Jopek, Jopek, Król, Król, 3.
  • A pair is two cards of the same and three other cards, for example, King, King, 9, Queen, 5.
  • A high card is a hand in which we have none of the other hands and the highest card we have is what counts, for example, Ace, King, 6, 4, 2.

Popular poker sets

Poker hands and their strength are something that is simply remembered over time, only seemingly complicated and hard to remember. In this game, the ability to so-called bluffing and reading your opponent, who may also be bluffing, is also important. However, these are skills that are improved during the game, according to the principle – the longer we play, the better we are.

These are the basic rules of an amateur game. The poker set for professionals is a completely different level. A special poker table, poker chips, poker cards – everything is strictly defined here, as in any high-class tournament.

What is Poker Texas Holdem?

Like any game that enjoys so much attention worldwide, poker has its varieties. The most popular varieties of poker are Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Texas Hold’em uses a full deck of 52 cards. There is a dealer among the players and players to the right and left of the dealer must post to the pot blind. Then, two cards are dealt that only their holders can see, and on that basis, they can make the following moves:

  • to fold
  • check,
  • conquer,
  • wait.

After bidding, three community cards are dealt in the middle and each player can use them.

The rules of Texas Hold’em are much more complicated than in traditional poker, so for beginners, the traditional game will be a much better proposition. After mastering it, you can successfully move to an advanced level, which is Texas Hold’em. One thing is certain – once you start playing poker, it will be difficult to switch to something else. This is one of those games that draws you in for long hours, releasing great emotions.

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