Is the online casino safe?

Playing online is one of the benefits of our time. However, many players wonder about the safety of the game online. Despite the doubts, the question that internet gamers should ask themselves should not be “Should I play online?” But “How to do it safely?”.

How to play safely at an online casino?

To avoid potential threats, we should remember a few simple rules of responsible gaming that will allow us to maintain self-discipline and limit the time spent in the game. We should also absolutely remember that gambling – in one form or another – can lead to serious addictions. Therefore, it is worth introducing a few simple rules to the game, the enforcement of which should protect us from possible unpleasant consequences.

Safe online play – rules

Always set game limits – spend a predetermined amount on the game and do not exceed it, even in the event of a quick loss. It’s best to set a daily limit.

Don’t play for too long – don’t spend more time playing than you should. Assume how many hours you can spend on playing and stick to this provision, and preferably set a limit of the game.

Don’t try to get back – don’t be impulsive and don’t try to get lost money immediately. If you lose money, it’s best to wait a day or two before playing again.

Only play with money that you can afford to lose – although this rule sounds obvious, many players still don’t respect it. Slots or roulette are just entertainment. Don’t spend money on them for rent or food.

Don’t play when you are highly agitated – remember that your emotional state influences your decisions and risks. If you’re frustrated, it’s best to find another job. Return to the game when you calm down.

Don’t borrow money to gamble – borrowing money makes sense for important life investments, not for gambling, which has a lot of risks involved.

Remember that gambling is addictive – no matter if online or stationary, you can get addicted when playing for money. Remember this and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Responsible gaming in practice?

Adhering to some of the points outlined above is a matter of the player’s willpower. Nevertheless, most online casinos meet the expectations of players and introduce additional functionalities that help to enforce the above rules. In Total Casino, the necessity to set amount and time limits for a single game has been introduced. The player is informed on an ongoing basis about the length of a given session in the casino, and after a predetermined time, he loses the possibility of continuing to play for the next 24 hours.

Is the online casino legal?

Now that we’ve found out that it is safe to play in the casino, it is time to crack down on the next burning question burning online gamers. Is playing in an e-casino legal?

Please note that the only legal internet casino on the market is Total Casino, which guarantees the security of the deposited funds. To be able to play Blackjack or Roulette online, at a legally registered entity, and to set up an account, we must undergo the same verification procedure as at a stationary point. During account registration, we will be asked, among others about:

providing personal data,

verification of an ID card or other identity document,

a declaration of legal age.

Online game – quick start

The difference between a traditional game and an online game is the fact that the funds accumulated on our online account can be withdrawn directly to our bank account. In many ways, an online casino is no different from its desktop counterparts. Also, the issue of security should not raise our concerns, provided that we entrust money to a legal entity. That is why it is worth playing in a proven casino and taking a moment to make sure who the website on which you are going to leave your money belongs! The most important thing, however, is that we are the biggest risk factor – we are ourselves and, first of all, we should be careful about our habits and follow the rules of safe gameplay. Then we can enjoy the game without fear.

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