Live Betting – Live Game Rules

In addition to the standard possibilities of betting on matches (so-called pre-match), bookmaker bets also offer to bet on live events, i.e. those that are played in real-time. This option is offered by every bookmaker legally operating on the market. Before starting the game, find out what the rules for betting on live events are.

Live betting – what is it about?

As the name suggests, live betting allows you to bet on events that are already in progress. Just as the events on the pitch, court, or court change dynamically, the odds in bookmakers also change quickly – they depend on the current result, the situation during the game, as well as the time remaining until its end.

Live betting is carried out in many sports. You can bet on, among others, ongoing football matches, boxing duels, or tennis games. Sport is very unpredictable – all you need is one pitch situation, a player’s injury, or a red card for things to gain another momentum.

Live bookmaker – where can you play online?

The area of activity for Live Betting is the internet. This way, you can simultaneously track an interesting event and bet on its course, or another event from the beech offer. Such actions can be taken both on mobile devices and when using desktop computers.

Some of the companies that offer online betting also provide live broadcasts of selected events (eg  STS TV ). However, the standard is that you can preview the match in the form of visualization after clicking on the selected event.

What can you bet live?

There are many possibilities because you can bet almost everything live. This mainly applies to disciplines that are commonly available in betting, such as basketball, football, handball, tennis, ice hockey, or e-sport. The possibility of betting live does not only concern the final result. Live betting, on the other hand, has unique possibilities such as:

  • how many goals will be scored by the end of the match,
  • who will score the next goal or will he score the next point, frag,
  • who will win the rest of the match, game, set, round winner
  • the final number of points, games, sets,
  • a time slot of the next gate.

Events can be predicted at any stage of the match – from the first to the last whistle. However, it is worth remembering that the less time to the end of the match, the lower the odds for the winning team or player will be. This is one of the reasons why reflexes are so important when betting online.

Live betting – example gameplay

As part of the league match, Manchester City hosts the newly promoted Norwich league. The odds for the favorite before the game were 1.15, but in the 15th minute of the match City’s player fouled the opponent in the penalty area – a red card and a penalty kick for Norwich, which was turned into a goal a moment later. At this point, bookmakers are paying 1.64 for every zloty wagered on Manchester’s victory. As the next minutes pass without an equalizing goal, the odds for the favorite to win will increase – the less time left to the end, the harder it is to win. When you watch the match live, you know that Manchester is a team with huge offensive potential, who dominates the pitch and attacks all the time. So who are you going to bet on when the match is 30 minutes left and the score is still 1-0 for Norwich and City’s winning odds over 2.00? And this is the “charm” of these bets – the pre-match odds can differ dramatically in the case of “bankers” who are not successful in a given match, and at the end of the game turn the game over.

Since the introduction of live online betting, the bookmaker market has moved up a gear. This made a lot of profit for the tipsters who could “read the game” and anticipate the development of the situation, so they took advantage of high odds and the lack of updating by analysts. But also for bookmakers, because of the players who bet on the “sures” at odds of 1.10, where there were only a few minutes to the end. And then, suddenly, the other team’s spurt and the sportsbook could end up in the basket …

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